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Monday, 27 May 2019 18:55

Start the Season with LOBASOL® Deck&Teak Oil

LOBA’s proven outdoor system offers reliable protection for all patio woods and garden furniture. LOBASOL® Deck&Teak Oil is available in transparent or five attractive colors. LOBACARE® Deck&Teak Refresh completes the system as a very effective pretreatment and cleaner.

Whether transparent or colored, Deck&Teak Oil offers long-term protection against UV radiation and greying, wetness, and frost. The oil shows excellent penetration properties. Therefore, the impregnated wood withstands any weather, but remains open-pored and breath-active.

Deck&Teak Oil is safe to walk on and therefore particularly recommended for seniors or families with children. It prevents accidents caused by slipping and is classified according to BGR 181 (R10) and DIN 51130. The environmentally friendly oil is also suitable for children’s toys in accordance with DIN EN 71-3.

As an effective pretreatment, LOBACARE® Deck&Teak Refresh is recommended to clean weathered and mossy wood surfaces: the biodegradable special cleaner restores and de-greys even stubbornly soiled wood without any sanding or dust generation, and brings its natural color back to full effect.

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