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Thursday, 04 April 2019 14:44

HARO digital! app

Successful selling with the new app HARO digital!

Rosenheim – The HARO digital! app is ready for you to download now. HARO developed the new app HARO digital! to provide sales representatives with professional support during their conversations with customers and to give them all of the sales-relevant information they need. At the press of a button, the app presents sales representatives with all important product information and offers optimal visualisation possibilities.

Today’s customers expect to have an array of information available to them in real time. And they expect to see contemporary product presentations that include videos and animations as well as tutorials and product information that they can access at any time. All of these features are included in the new app “HARO digital!” that now transports HARO retail partners to a new dimension of premium floor selling.

The new app can answer most of the questions that a well-informed end customer will ask. This turns the entire sales and assistance process for both the HARO retail partner and the customers into a true sales experience.

The main functions of the new app HARO digital!

  • A QR code scanner for use in quickly checking product information and connecting to the digital HARO product world
  • Visualisation of room impact with the help of the HARO floor studio
  • Connection to the virtual reality headset Oculus Go
  • A range of product videos and tutorials
  • A configurator that quickly prepares offers
  • A free service that is compatible with all mobile end devices

A fusion of the analogue and digital HARO sales tools

One special feature of the app is the integrated QR code scanner. A quick scan of the label for each sample produces all product information and technical details about the product. Customers can see and touch their desired floor. With a simple click, they can view all key background information on the display. This feature enables customers to compare the widest range of floors with one another. In the process, they can learn about the specific features of the product, its price and its effect in a room.

With a simple click: Videos and tutorials explain it all

The app also includes many tutorials and product videos that customers can view. While selecting a floor, customers may ask about the amount of care that a floor needs. A video tutorial can then show them precisely and succinctly how easy their HARO premium floor is to clean and how little time the process takes.

Experiencing virtual reality in person

By linking the app to a VR headset, HARO also creates a unique buying experience in which customers can step into the virtual reality of rooms in which their favourite floors have been laid.

A perfect offer with the HARO configurator

Once a floor has been selected, the HARO digital! app gives the HARO partner an opportunity to create an offer in a completely new way. The “offer configurator” integrated into the app automatically adds all selected elements together and then creates an offer at the end of the selection process. Customers can take the offer with them in analogue or digital form. They can also use it to directly make a purchase – the process has never been so easy. It just takes a few clicks to select and sell the perfect premium floor.

A few clicks to the new HARO digital! app

The HARO digital! is now available for free download in the App Store and Google Play Store. Once the app has been successfully downloaded on a tablet (smartphones will have only a limited range of features), the HARO partner can use his or her login data for the HARO Service Partner Portal to sign on and can then use all of the apps’ features.