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Friday, 05 April 2019 11:55

HARO excites customers

HARO among the TOP 150 companies in Germany

Rosenheim – Hamberger Industriewerke, the home of the HARO brand, ranked once again this year among Germany’s most popular family-run companies. For HARO retail partners, this honour serves as another impressive confirmation of their relationship with HARO.

The manufacturer brand excites! This is something that more than 120,000 end consumers impressively confirmed this year – just as they have done in past years. HARO achieved something at the beginning of 2019 that no store brand or trade brand in the floor covering industry was capable of – just as it has done in past years as well.

Thousands of end consumers were asked to cast their vote in a wide-ranging online survey conducted by the magazine Focus Money, Deutschland Test and the analysis firm Service Value. With its HARO brand, Hamberger ranked highly, just as it did last year. Thanks to its HARO brand, Hamberger is very popular with customers. The surveyed customers unanimously respect the family-run company Hamberger and HARO products for their world-class quality, excellent services and innovative products for modern living. HARO retail partners should take advantage of this boost and should highlight their association with this brand in their showrooms.

Hamberger and HARO honoured for the fourth time

The annual survey of consumers conducted by Focus Money is considered to be one of the most important consumer polls of all. The evaluation included only those companies that have direct contact with customers and are run by the families who established them. Of the 1,000 companies that consumers could rate, 150 were honoured as the “Most Popular Family-Run Companies”. The question was: “How do you rate the company in question from your own experience?” The respondents could rank the companies on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor). For Hamberger with its HARO brand, the selection ended with the company again joining the ranks of top finishers in 2019.

Family-run companies are considered to be exceptionally credible

German consumers rank family-run companies like Hamberger at the very top of the popularity scale because these companies represent continuity and far-sighted business decisions. They generally have a high equity ratio and do not pay such close attention to quarterly performance as many major companies do. These family companies also stand for authenticity and honesty, the highest levels of product quality and sustainable business practises.

HARO retail partners can actively employ all these strengths in their communications with customers. In the area of living and furnishing, customers are increasingly looking for products that are produced in a sustainable and healthy living manner in Germany and that offer quality that they can completely trust.