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Thursday, 11 April 2019 11:51

HARO - New premium adhesives

With quality flooring, it’s important what’s underneath

To enable its various premium flooring products to be used in the best possible way, HARO strives continuously to optimise its range of accessories. Last year, HARO added to this range by introducing enhanced new primers and adhesives for professional installers.

Rosenheim – New adhesives for an even closer bond. Along with an extremely broad range of high-quality parquet, design and laminate flooring, HARO’s partners can also take full advantage of accessories that have been specially designed to complement these products.   Floor coverings and accessories are elements of the tried-and tested HARO flooring system, to which the new primers and adhesives are the perfect additions.

New HARO universal elastic adhesive

This new, multi-purpose HARO elastic adhesive is perfect for gluing down HARO parquet, DISANO Classic Aqua, SmartAqua and Saphir. Great news for professional installers: thanks to the pail’s new foil seal, the adhesive can be stored for up to 18 months without any impairment in quality. Easier to spread and with a milder inherent smell, the new elastic adhesive also boasts greater shear strength in comparison to conventional adhesives. It conforms to DIN 14293 as well as complying with the criteria of EC1 plus, a category that surpasses the previously highest “EC1 - very low emission” classification. The adhesive is perfect for both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

New dispersion adhesive for DISANO Project

The HARO dispersion adhesive has been similarly optimised for professional installation of the healthy living style DISANO Project design floor. It’s now also suitable for gluing down LVT, PVC, CV, textile, linoleum and rubber floor coverings of up to 2.5 mm in thickness. The adhesive can be used on all filled and levelled subfloors. This new dispersion adhesive also complies with the criteria of the EC1 plus category.

Improved primer for all HARO floors

The new HARO primer is now recommended as a primer for HARO elastic adhesive as well as ComforTec self-adhesive boards. It’s also suitable for priming subfloors made of absorbent cement and calcium sulphate screed as well as gypsum fibreboards. In addition to the 1 litre bottle, the primer is now available in a 10 litre canister for large-scale projects.

The new adhesives provide a convincing argument for HARO dealers in the professional sales segment: a further area in which system-tested HARO accessories from Germany’s leading manufacturer of parquet floors are constantly setting new standards.