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Saturday, 13 July 2019 16:25

High-tech wood flooring goes medieval: Lindura adorns a castle museum

Lindura is the king of the castle: After 10 months of renovation work, the Burgmuseum Horn in Germany reopened this year. The museum is now well equipped to handle the influx of visitors thanks to MEISTER Lindura wood flooring.

The museum is around 200 square metres in total, and Lindura wood flooring in matt lacquered rustic oak 8520 was laid on 150 square metres of that floor space. The spacious rooms really highlight the format and look of the château planks.

As part of the overarching renovation concept, the interior designer strived to preserve the charm of the castle and to merge the historical and the modern. This is why she opted for Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER, which seamlessly blends into both the building’s modern ambience and its long history – the decision was made for visual reasons, but also for technical ones. First, the format: At 2200 mm long and 270 mm wide, Lindura planks are meant to be laid in spacious rooms – their format alone creates a special atmosphere. The surface is impressive, as well: a traditional shade of oak, not too trendy, but timeless. Pressed wood powder lends it its unique, rustic vintage look. It also makes the flooring particularly dent-resistant – an important aspect when the castle receives around 3,000 visitors every year.

Lindura wood flooring – With innovative wood powder technology

Lindura is produced using innovative wood powder technology, which transforms a simple floor covering into high-tech wooden flooring. Wood powder is a mix of materials, including fine wood fibres, mineral components, and other natural additives. It is fused to a real wood covering layer, an HDF middle layer and a backing layer under high pressure and heat. This creates planks that are resistant to pressure, pleasantly warm to the foot, durable and easy to maintain.

MEISTER completely relaunched this innovative product for BAU 2019. The new generation of Lindura flooring has elegant and untreated new surfaces, stronger brushing textures – resulting in expressive, deep structures – and new wood powder formulas. The entire production process has also been refined and optimised. The new Lindura collection boasts 26 surfaces; 15 are naturally oiled and 11 are matt lacquered. Four gradings (natural, lively, authentic and rustic) are available in a wide range of colours. There is a focus on authentic and natural oak surfaces. The new Lindura wood flooring is also characterised by deeper brushing textures, which change the way the flooring looks and feels. The unusual format of the planks remains unchanged. With sizes of 2600 x 320 mm (naturally oiled) and 2200 x 270 mm (naturally oiled and matt lacquered), Lindura is particularly effective in larger rooms.