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Monday, 05 August 2019 15:56

HARO - laminate floor TRITTY 200 Aqua

Indestructible can look pretty good

HARO’s laminate floors last a lifetime. In particular, the new TRITTY 200 Aqua is known for its toughness.

Rosenheim – TRITTY remains on success trajectory. For years now, HARO’s TRITTY series of laminate flooring has been a major success. The TRITTY 200 Aqua variant is impressively writing the next chapter in this success story. When it comes to robustness, TRITTY is in a class of its own. Besides being an excellent choice for wet rooms, the series has made a name for itself particularly in terms of its toughness and abrasion resistance.

In a class of its own: AC6 abrasion resistance & level of use 33

With AC 6 classification and high wear-through IP ≥ 8,500 rotations based on DIN EN 13329, it is among the best in its class. For this reason, the HARO TRITTY 200 Aqua is perfect for private and commercial settings where it will be subject to intense use and reaches level of use 33.

Completely durable – and exceptionally comfortable

The TRITTY 200 Aqua is world class not just in terms of durability – HARO’s 25-year warranty that applies to non-commercial uses of this floor is another demonstration of its true quality. A 10-year warranty applies to commercial uses. Thanks to its silent CT technology, the floor is particularly quiet and comfortable. Even though it is only 2 millimetres thick, the silent CT insulation underlay also enhances TRITTY Aqua 200’s noise insulation. The system is up to 60 percent quieter in terms of room sound and up to 14 dB quieter in terms of footfall sound compared with conventional laminate flooring.

Thanks to the Top Connect system, it can be installed easily and quickly. But that is far from all: The TRITTY 200 Aqua performs exceptionally well in other areas as well.

High scores in every test area

Commercial users are particularly interested in the way that a floor reacts to fire. Based on the standard DIN EN 13501-1, the HARO TRITTY 200 Aqua is rated as “flame retardant” (Cfl-S1). Its thermal conductivity is also exceptional at 0.065 m2K/W. As a result, it is perfect for installation on underfloor heating. It is rated as “antistatic” under the standard DIN EN 1815, and its micro-scratch resistance is certified in Class 1 based on the standard DIN EN 16094. It can take a punch so to speak, easily absorbing any heavy blows and impacts that it may experience: Based on an impact test conducted in accordance to DIN EN 13329 (falling-ball and impact strength test), its resilience is greater than / equal to 15 N / greater than / equal to 1,000 millimetres.

Despite its tough surface, the floor is on very friendly terms with the environment: The TRITTY 200 Aqua is not only completely “Made in Germany,” but has also been awarded CE certification, the Blauer Engel seal (or Blue Angel, a label in Germany given to products without harmful materials) and A+ certification (Émissions dans l`air intérieur) for its zero emissions.

An eye-catching enhancement

This is why professionals use this exceptional floor to add a touch of cosiness and flair to their own homes.

TRITTY 200 Aqua – a floor that expands your interior design options.