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Wednesday, 13 November 2019 17:24

HWZ International AG

What is SPC? STRONG SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) is commonly referred to as LVT 2.0. It consists of chalkstone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer, which in combination with a certain formula results in a very stable composite material. This new and improved version of floating floors combines the advantages of traditional LVT and the added benefits of SPC.

STRONG SPC is rigid and ultra-stable so installation is now possible in areas as large as 400m² (20x20m) without expansion joints! This floor is waterresistant and under certain conditions suitable for areas such as conservatories. The patented Uniclic click system makes installation quick and easy. STRONG SPC has a pre-attached underlay mat that reduces sound by 18dB, is softer to walk on, and covers subfloor imperfections. Strong SPC is environmentally friendly with organic plasticizers and is phthalate-free. Available in modern wood and stone designs to complement any residential or commercial setting.


✅ Rigid and dimensionally stable: Can be laid on large areas 400 m² (20 x 20 m) without expansion joint!

✅ Suitable for large projects

✅ Water resistant

✅ Patented click system

✅ Integrated noise-absorbing underlay mat (up to -18 dB)

✅ Suitable for conservatories under certain conditions

✅ Phthalate-free & organic plasticizer

✅ Vinyl layer under decor film


  1. 1. Transparent 0,55mm wear layer
  2. 2. High-resolution print decor film
  3. 3. Vinyl layer
  4. 4. SPC core (Stone Polymer Composite)
  5. 5. Click system
  6. 6. Vinyl backing
  7. 7. Integrated underlay mat

How to install STRONG SPC? The Uniclic installation system makes installation easy. Watch the video to see how to install this fantastic floor!

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