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Friday, 10 January 2020 11:31

From Scratch: LOBA Launches LOBASAND Premium Abrasives!

LOBASAND offers a wide variety of abrasives and pads in high-end quality – for perfect results.

Ditzingen, January 2020. The new LOBASAND product family offers a wide scope of top-quality sanding products. The high-performance abrasives and pads guarantee effective working with all commonly available sanding machines and deliver the best results. All abrasives and pads, which were formerly part of the LOBATOOL range, are now available as LOBASAND products.

In addition to these familiar products, the following completely new LOBA sanding materials will be launched in the first quarter of 2020: diverse belts and velcro discs made of ceramic, aluminium oxide or zirconia abrasive materials.
Moreover, the new abrasives come with a very practical packaging design: it is LOBA branded and has labels which provide all important information at first sight – for easy handling. Also the new abrasives themselves are LOBA branded on the reverse side.
Of course, LOBATOOL remains as our product family for all other equipment and accessories.