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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 15:49

“Vinyl flooring without vinyl”: MEISTER is expanding its range of healthy-living design flooring

“Vinyl flooring without the vinyl” has become a firm fixture on the market since its launch in 2018. MEISTER has received a great deal of positive feedback from both specialist traders and consumers for its platform concept consisting of four different product structures for a range of applications. Now, the product range is being expanded to include modern planks and trendy new decors.

Alongside the popular short plank and tile formats, MEISTER now offers MeisterDesign design flooring in a stylish plank format that is definitely on trend. The planks are available in the water-resistant double cork “comfort” version (DL 600 S), the water-resistant “flex” version (DL 400) which is ideal for renovation projects, and the waterproof all-rounder “life” variant (DL 800). The selection of high-quality imitation oak decors is as wide as customers have come to expect from MEISTER, with 16 available in DL 600 and DL 400 and 8 in DL 800.

Trendy terrazzo

There has also been a major update to the portfolio of short planks and tiles. Alongside the best-selling decors in the “vinyl flooring without vinyl” range, there are now five new additions to the portfolio of wood decors, including lighter Scandinavian woods as well as the darker colours that are currently en vogue. In terms of tiles, terrazzo is on trend in both a light and dark variant.

Platform concept made in Germany

Odourless, plasticiser-free and heat-resistant: MeisterDesign design flooring is “vinyl flooring without the vinyl”, making it the perfect alternative to conventional vinyl flooring for those interested in healthy living. MeisterDesign has all the advantages of vinyl flooring (durability, ease of maintenance and elasticity), but manages completely without the primarily ecological and technical disadvantages. It has been awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel and is 100% made in Germany.

MeisterDesign design flooring is available in four product  structures:

MeisterDesign. comfort:       The comfortable feel-good floor with an extra layer of cork.

MeisterDesign. flex:         The slim design flooring with a low installation height

MeisterDesign. life:           The straightforward all-rounder for clicking

MeisterDesign. pro:          The extra-thin professional flooring for full-surface bonding