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Friday, 20 March 2020 13:15

PrimaCover: universal self-adhesive protection for floors and stairs

Protect the floor from damage during maintenance, painting, and renovation. In the PrimaCover range, PrimaCover Standard is the most universal all rounder. It is suitable for most substrates, including floors and stairs. PrimaCover Standard is a re-usable, universal, self-adhesive, and solid polyester cover with a top layer of impenetrable PE foil.


PrimaCover Standard protector is suitable for substrates which do not need to dry out (any more) and therefore where no damp needs to evaporate. Examples include existing floors and stairs in wood, ceramic tiles, synthetics, or laminate. PrimaCover Standard can withstand debris, grit, water, paint, climbing gear, wheelbarrows, and falling tools. The adhesive coat offers sufficient grip on the substrate and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Three widths

The PrimaCover Standard product family has three widths, namely 0.65 metres, 1 metre, and 2 metres. The narrow roll is ideal for use on stairs and in corridors. Make sure you don’t forget the approach routes to the project, because those places too are susceptible to damage and therefore repair costs. The wide rolls are designed specially for large surfaces such as living rooms and offices. The lightweight rolls are easy to transport. The material is easy to put in place and is anti-slip. The protector is thereby not only safe for the substrate, but also for the people who work on it.

PrimaCover protective materials

PrimaCover protective materials are available from your professional construction market, hardware wholesalers, or wholesale paint shops. For more information you can contact Primaverde.

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