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Thursday, 11 June 2020 16:49

Futura Floors

Imagine personalising the dream floor for your home.

Whatever your dreams – Futura can provide the answers to create a magical home for you.
Futura Floors gives you the unique opportunity to express your own fantasies in creating a perfect home environemnt.

As client you can choose your own colour and floor design from our wide variety of choices. In addition, Futura follows modern ideas by constantly studying and offering the most sought-after trends. From the different shades of dark, expresive colours to lighter and natural shades, customers find a wide range of colour palettes to create their own combinations. Our experts advise you on all your needs and introduce you to new possibilities.

Ideas for 2020/2021:
• Favourites which stand out include a modern combination of cold-grey and warm-beige tones providing a unique experience called „greige“ shades. To balance living space, use our greige colours which combine the comfort of beige with the freshness and modern-day feel of grey tones.
• To make spaces visually larger, check out our newest light colours of wood flooring to create this effect. These olis are ideal for smaller rooms and rooms with low lighting.
• Dark shades blend into large and well-lit spaces and give a real sense of security and warmth.
Whether you choose dynamic dark, elegant white or mild greige shades – Futura helps you find the exact combinations of flooring to design a home filled with cosiness and luxury.

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