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Thursday, 09 July 2020 12:03

DecoRad® UV Systems Equipment

Covid-19 Non-Contact Surface/Floor disinfection with UV light without using chemical solutions

Single stranded RNA viruses such as corona-viruses are highly sensitive to UV radiation.
When using the right UVC equipment COVID-19 is deactivated in seconds.
The most effective wavelength is labeled UVGI (UV Germicidal Irradiation) 254 to 270 nanometers.

DecoRad UV equipment is developed for curing coatings/oils, but with the ozone free Hg medium pressure UV lamp very efficient to also provide the UVGI spectrum.
Much promoted on the internet and social media at the moment are the low pressure low wattage UVC lamps.
They work…but … they have only the 254 nm wavelength and it takes up to 20-30 seconds stationary on 1 spot to deactivate the virus. You need more lamps to speed up this process.
DecoRad ozone free UV equipment provides high power and Wattage UV in the complete UVGI spectrum.
This means 10 x faster in time with 1 lamp to deactivate viruses like COVID-19 and other microorganism because of more power and the 254 AND 270 nm wavelengths !
Our Floormate (motor driven floor-cure) provides 3000 Watts in UV radiation.
Our Handmate (handheld hand-cure) provides 1800 Watts in UV radiation.
We are a leading brand in portable UV, with a proven history in safe and reliable equipment.
We have all the UV equipment in stock including rentals.

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Like any disinfection system, UVC equipment must be used properly to be safe.

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