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Friday, 18 September 2020 11:22

DISANO family expanded further

The new DISANO WaveAqua – the robust design floor for healthy living and durability
You will have to look long and hard before you will find another design floor in the market that stands for healthy living, comfort and durability in the way that HARO’s DISANO design floor family does. The family has just added a new member: “DISANO WaveAqua”, a modern, uncomplicated entry-level design floor in the DISANO product range that sets new standards particularly in the area of robustness.

Rosenheim – Healthy living can be so wonderful. This is what the philosophy of HARO’s DISANO design floors is all about. With the addition of the new family member, “DISANO WaveAqua”, the successful, healthy living design series has gained a high-performance sibling that goes easy on consumers’ budgets. For HARO retail partners, DISANO WaveAqua is an attractive floor covering that enables customers to easily enter the high-performance world of DISANO, a world that is completely free of PVC and plasticisers. And, of course, it bears the German environmental seal Blue Angel and the ECO label.
A new floor covering with exceptional qualities
At first glance, the “infant” in the DISANO product line catches your eye with its good value for the money. But when you look closer, you will find an exceptionally large number of product and quality features that complement the attractive price.
The Rigid Core coreboard of the DISANO WaveAqua is made of natural materials, a feature that makes it especially dimensionally stable and pressure resistant. The floor creates an extremely authentic look thanks in particular to its special surface quality and the synchronous embossing of its surface. The optically perfect impression is enhanced by real bevelled edges on four sides in the entire product range. The floor is also designed for use in wet areas, a feature that is reinforced by its moisture-repellent bottom PowerWave. It is also anti-slip.
And, naturally, the floor comes in a wide range of formats and styles. The plank 1-strip or plank 1-strip XL versions of the new DISANO WaveAqua are available in eight oak styles each: eight very consumer-driven colours that come from the extremely popular colour world of nature bright/dark, brown, white and grey.

Healthy living, optimal durability and a natural look
In addition to the proven technical features that are characteristic for the entire DISANO family consisting of LifeAqua, SmartAqua, ClassicAqua, Project and Saphir, a number of striking additional product qualities were added to WaveAqua as well:
- SurfaceProtect technology for increased abrasion and scratch resistance on the surface.
- Synchronously embossed surface for an even more authentic look and feel. The style image and the surface structure are perfectly coordinated with each other.
- PVC-free, dimensionally stable core board – The rigid core board is made of natural materials and is designed for use in wet areas.
- PowerWave technology for improved anti-slip qualities and additional moisture protection on the bottom.

Healthy living with a warranty
These innovations make excellent sales arguments – particularly in consideration of the excellent value for the money that makes the new DISANO WaveAqua so interesting for HARO retail partners. The new member of the DISANO family also features the exceptional product qualities that are interwoven into the entire product range:
- 100% free of PVC and plasticisers
- Bearer of the Blue Angel environmental label and the label of the Eco Institut, emission class A+
- Designed for wet areas (like all other DISANO design floors),
- Made in Germany
- Top Connect installation system that facilitates easy and fast laying of the floor without using any additional tools
The 16 oak styles in the two style families ONTARIO Authentic and VICTORIA Authentic and the synchronously embossed and very authentic looking surface that comes in the popular plank 1-strip design turn DISANO WaveAqua into a healthy living design floor for the entire house.
Thanks to its wet area features, it is also the perfect choice for the bathroom or kitchen. It creates an attractive flooring look throughout all living areas.
The new DISANO WaveAqua provides HARO retail partners with an optimal, healthy living product that offers exceptional value for the money. It is a product that meets the requirements created by today’s stylish, active lifestyles.