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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 10:26


Despite the restrictions that affected us all in the spring, the fifth WORKCAMP PARQUET took place in the first week of September this year. As part of this year's "Handwork without Machines" project, castle parquets were hand-made at Vizovice Castle and its courtyard without the help of power tools. The aim was to show the authentic production and laying of parquet using technologies as in 1860.

WORKCAMP PARQUET 2020 was a week full of traditional handicrafts with planing, cutting and gluing with leather glue. The way back in time to craftsmanship as in 1860. In the state chateau Vizovice, master parquet workers together with aspirants of the craft unpacked their historical and contemporary hand tools to show their masterpiece right in front of the eyes of visitors. During the week, they shared knowledge, old techniques, know-how and their love for traditional parquet crafts.
"For the room, the earl's bedroom, a layered floor was made according to the pattern from the anteroom. Specifically, an oak, 9 mm thick plywood was glued to the spruce frame. they were hammered into a pen (invisibly) with hand-forged nails on the original plank floor from 1860. The parquet was cleaned with planers and a cidlin directly on the floor. The parquets were finished with brushing and wax, ”describes the work performed by René Caran, project manager.

To hammer the parquet, it was necessary to have trained blacksmiths make special nails that corresponded to the nails used on the original parquets. These hand-forged nails are a special challenge for today's blacksmiths, as this production technique requires great skill. Two nails are used for one 580 x 580 mm cassette. It is sufficient and even then iron was expensive, so it was necessary to work efficiently. Several blacksmiths enthusiastically threw themselves into cooperation with parquet workers. Blacksmith Tomáš Blažíček showed his hand-made nails in Vizovice, and the parquet floorers tried hard blacksmith work.

“For our colleagues who could not attend the event, we have prepared online clips. The live broadcast was created in cooperation with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and we also exchanged greetings with the DOMOTEX trade fair. During the week, a number of professional workshops and seminars took place. In cooperation with the National Technical Museum and its branch of the Museum of Building Crafts in Plasy, where they have a small exhibition on the topic of parquet in the Czech Republic, a lecture on "History of parquet in the Czech Republic" by PhDr. Martina Ebela Ph.D. The workshop "Historical surface treatment of animal blood" was created in cooperation with the Wallachian Museum in Nature, which also lent some equipment for handicrafts, and was led by the restorer Luděk Dvořák ", said Michaela Reichlová, project coordinator.

In addition to the actual production of castle floors by traditional historical technologies, we prepared a rich accompanying program for participants, for example, we went on a trip to Luhačovice (a nearby spa town with famous mineral springs and interesting architecture Dušan Jurkovič), a concert of a harpist in the castle chapel with singing or held European evening in the presence of the mayor of Vizovice, the governor of the Zlín region, representatives of the National Monuments Institute and the castellan of Vizovice chateau, accompanied by a traditional Wallachian ensemble.
A design glass City light Modul was built in the courtyard of the Vizovice chateau throughout the week, in which part of the dusty work processes took place. The aim of the WORKCAMP PARQUET project is to educate and motivate. Right in the center of the action, visitors could see how beautiful, historically authentic parquets are created using traditional production technology. The Vizovice chateau included in the guided tours a route with a project where it was possible, in addition to the chateau furniture, to see parqueters in action, how they cut individual pieces of parquet by hand or how they cook leather glue. Everyone could visit the chateau and the project.
Briefly in numbers: 1 week, 15 parqueters from 10 countries, 4800 cuts, 22 kg of cooked glue from leather glue, 324 nails, 16800 strokes with a planer.

We thank our partners this year, who, despite the difficult situation, supported the project.

This year's partners:
NPÚ (National Monuments Office, Regional Office in Kroměříž) (CZ), NMP (National Museum in Nature, methodological center of the museum) (CZ), NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) (US), iProffi (CZ), BDA (Federal monument office) (AT), Chateau Vizovice (CZ), NTM (National Technical Museum) (CZ), Domotex (DE), Petrograd Tools (RU), Tischler E.C.E Werkzeug (DE), Stadt Vizovice (CZ), ESCO Podlahy (CZ), KPP (Kratochvíl Parket Profi) (CZ), Murexin (DE), KOMA Modular (CZ), Fischer Parkett (AT), Chimiver (IT), Winery Volařík Mikulov (CZ), Amsterdamsche Fijnhout (NL), James Hardie (CZ), WoodCube (CZ), PARQUET RENSPOL (CZ), Zlín Region (CZ)