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Monday, 04 January 2021 15:53

Malaysian Doors and Windows

For decades, Malaysian timber-based manufacturers have been producing top-grade laminated scantlings and timber doors for discerning buyers.
Laminated scantlings are excellent for making premium timber windows and window frames primarily for the European market and the Northern regions of Asia.

These laminated scantlings, with good heat insulation properties, are made from timbers such as Dark Red Meranti, Yellow Meranti, Kasai, Merpauh, Bintangor, Gerutu, Mengkulang and Kembang Semangkuk.

Fine quality timbers together with superior quality glues allow Malaysian manufacturers to achieve high mechanical stability with these laminated scantlings. The density is also 420kg/m3 and above which is best for precision milling.

Malaysian timber doors are equally popular among European buyers. Exported to over 50 countries, these doors come in a variety of species, designs and specifications.

Timbers such as Dark Red Meranti, Nyatoh, Kembang Semangkuk, Balau, Merpauh and Merbau are used to make standard and custom-made solid or engineered timber doors which include flush, fire-resistant and security doors as well as decorative doors that are paired with materials such as glass.

The strength and natural durability of Malaysian timber species combined with cutting-edge technologies enable Malaysian manufacturers to produce laminated scantlings and doors that meet stringent European standards and requirements.

Malaysia practices sustainable forest management and has a credible certification scheme that assures buyers that these products are responsibly sourced. Valued for their quality, durability and beauty, these products are the preferred choice among architects, interior designers, and specifiers.

For more information on Malaysian timber, please contact:

Malaysian Timber Council
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