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Tuesday, 16 March 2021 10:44

Early in May new at Chipps: ‘I do believe in Fairies’

The previous edition introduced Chipps, the new Belgian product for on the floor or against the wall and/or the ceiling. Chipps, made on a base of OSB panel, completely revamps this material and turns an everyday product into a trendy statement.

Chipps is currently divided into six collections with a total of over 40 different designs. They are busy with the launch of a new collection called ‘I do believe in Fairies’. This new creation is being launched on the market early in May. It draws inspiration from the magical and floral and looks forward to the end of the pandemic. Like all other designs, ‘I do believe in Fairies’ responds to seasons and refers explicitly to the design of hospitality rooms and accommodation on camp sites and beach bars. And so, it’s attractive for pop-up spaces.

Sales of Chipps are thriving. For instance, the agent in Italy has completed sales from Padova and Turin to the far south in Sicily. The colleague responsible for stand construction and the event sector has also been busy during the pandemic. Once things get going again, he can draw on a wealth of ideas. At the time of going to press, managers Romina De Giorgi and Roel Geraerts have five agents in Italy and three in the Netherlands. There are now 16 showrooms or sales points in their own country. They range from interior finish companies and parquet stores to timber businesses.