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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 11:54

Spot on for the all-rounder Pallmann Spider

Since its market launch over 5 years ago, the Pallmann Spider wood floor sanding machine has become an indispensable part of the wood floor installer's daily routine when it comes to sanding, polishing or structuring.

Unlike any other machine, it revolutionised hardwood sanding with its innovative three-disc technology for direction-free work, even right up to the edge. Together with the machine specialists from Wolff and in close cooperation with partners in the wood flooring business, Pallmann has continuously developed and optimised the machine over the past years. Year after year, the machine evolves, with new accessories and new applications. The Pallmann brush set for structuring wood floors and the diamond segments for removing particularly stubborn old and hard coatings have been a great success. Now the German company is going one better.
Fans of the Spider wood floor sanding machine can look forward to new, at-tractive features: from January a new power LED light with 360° illumination and improved wheel hubcaps will be standard on the equipment. Direction-free sanding also requires wide spectrum illumination, the integrated light illuminates the working area and clearly makes visible the sanding pattern and any irregularities left in the floor. This new LED light will enhance working conditions especially in poorly lit areas and ensures the optimum result in sanding patterns. The light ring will also add additional weight to the machine to ensure a smooth operation during screening and polishing. A new enhanced hubcap design will protect door frames, walls and baseboards from unwanted scratches. Both can be installed on existing machines. Further upgrades to the machine will follow in later 2021.