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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 12:33

Pallmann : Fibre-reinforced and patented wood filler

Stable in every joint: Pall-X Filler
The new fibre-reinforced joint filler Pall-X Filler performs well, even on wide joints.

The water-based, fibre-reinforced joint filler closes even large joints without shrinking. The reason for this is the innovative fibre technology developed by Pallmann, patented in December 2020. The joint filler with a long working time enables even very wide joints to be filled in just one work step. It has an ample working time and excellent stability in the joint. Low shrinkage, non-clogging formula when abraded, and neutral colour complete Pall-X Fillers’ key features that ensure success for any wood flooring project. Little colour change in use ensures a uniform visual appearance when oiling or lacquering the wood floor surface.