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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 15:44

Renzo Borgonovo Srl and FNT-Trabattoni Stampi Srl

Renzo Borgonovo and FNT-Trabattoni Stampi would like to highlight here the roller’s patterns FNT#101 and FNT#102/103 visible in the printed advertisement.

Both are new 2021 patterns, the Rustic Wood is a splendid reproduction of an ancient, weather-aged plank: a wonderful design for a country-side atmosphere. The Wavy Wood pattern is, on the contrary, a well designed geometric pattern, which can fit in countless scenarios. Its fine and not excessive impact is elegant, and it well plays with dark and light spots.

We would like to highlight a technical detail of the embossing roller: this first roller has been made subdivided into two sections: a section where the pattern is positioned horizontally, and a section where it is positioned vertically. This, despite reducing the overall width of the design, enables the customer to have two different patterns on the same roller. This concept could be well utilized for geometrical patterns, where a width variation is not important. For more info, make sure to contact us!