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Tuesday, 28 February 2023 18:36

Now water-resistant and ultra matt lacquered MeisterParquet. longlife: Parquet for life

The new MeisterParquet. longlife range combines the proven technical advantages of HDF parquet with the latest technical features and mul-ti-collection, on-trend, natural colours.

Five collections, three gradings, multi-collection colours:
the new parquet collections from MEISTER provide clarity of structure without compromising on variety. There are two plank collections: PD 450 and PD 400 – in a château plank format of 2 400 x 255 mm (PD 450 / ultra matt lacquered) and a classic plank format of 2 200 x 180 mm (ultra matt lacquered or naturally oiled). The PS 500 herringbone collection (format: 710 x 142 mm) and PS 300 short plank collection
(1 187 x 142 mm) are available in eight ultra matt lacquered colour schemes. The product range is rounded off by the PC 200 3-strip col-lection, also with an easy-care ultra matt lacquered finish. There are three different gradings to choose from: authentic, lively and harmoni-ous. Oak remains the dominant wood in the product range, and is ac-companied by ash, beech and walnut.

The five modern and natural colours off-white, cream, pure, natural and greige are (in additional to several collection-specific colours) available for all the collections in the product range – allowing different floors to be combined within the same space, and simplifying the con-sultation process for the retailer.

New “Duratec Nature” ultra matt lacquer
The new MeisterParquet. longlife range features the specially devel-oped, innovative Duratec Nature ultra matt lacquer. It penetrates mois-ture deep into every single pore and with little maintenance, guaran-tees improved stain resistance with an anti-fingerprint/anti-footprint effect and high resistance to micro-scratches and wear. At the same time, Duratec Nature has an ultra matt, open-pored appearance unu-sual for a lacquer, as well as a pleasant touch and natural feel. This lacquer technology doesn’t use any matting agents, creating a unique sense of depth and natural quality.

All parquet floors, be they ultra matt lacquered or naturally oiled, have a natural antibacterial surface without added chemical additives. In addition, thanks to AquaStop edge impregnation, MeisterParquet. longlife is now officially proven to be water-resistant for four hours (ex-cept PS 500).

Technical advantages of the HDF middle layer
The technical structure of MeisterParquet. longlife remains unchanged. Here, MEISTER continues to use a stable HDF middle layer, which delivers numerous benefits – especially when it comes to sustainability and conservation of resources. For the high-grade wood cover layer, a thickness of 2.5 mm is sufficient; longlife parquet is highly indent-resistant and durable. Its low thermal resistance of 0.12 m²K/W (in combination with insulating underlay MEISTERSilence 25 DB) is still below the limit of 0.15 m²K/W set by the Federal Association for Sur-face Heating and Surface Cooling e.V. (BVF), making MeisterParquet. longlife suitable for floating installation over underfloor heating, as it quickly allows heat to enter the room with minimal heat loss. Thanks to the higher net weight of the HDF material, the planks are also excep-tionally quiet.