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Wooden frontage coverage (11)

HWZ International AG provides innovative surface solutions: floor coverings and wall coverings.

Discover a variety of high-quality floor coverings for individual living and working spaces as well as a selection of wall coverings created by the best designers with the most innovative technologies and designed for ease of use. Qualitatively tested, our products comply with the latest standards and are subject to periodic follow-up inspections to guarantee consumer safety. In a highly specialized logistics system, HWZ International AG can overcome all hurdles together with the service strength of our logistics partner. Everything from a single source for a unique customer experience throughout Europe!

At Yepp they have noticed an increased use of wood in construction for both rural country style and the more rigid design style. The chief applications of wood at Yepp are for homes and pool houses. The most important wood sort deployed for this purpose is oak, but exotic wood sorts such as padauk, cedar, lapacho, afzelia, thermally treated okoume, thermally treated pine, and such like are also suitable.

For applications in exterior wall cladding Vandecasteele Houtimport recommends various sorts such as larch, red grandis, cedar, red louro, iroko, afrormosia, ipe, bilinga, padauk, guariuba, basralocus, itauba, cumaru, teak, and luna wood.

At Ravaioli Legnami they have also noticed a big increase in the use of wood especially for erecting vertical walls, ventilated exterior walls, and fences. The company is very strong in supplying wood coverings for public surrounds and for urbanisation projects such as swimming pools, walking paths, and beaches, but also in private homes for terraces and swimming pool boards.

At Outdoor Wood Concepts® (B) they have noticed a tendency towards vertical fitting and the use of moulded profiles instead of profiles which are planed flat. The main areas of application are homes and offices. Number 1 in wood sorts is still western red cedar.

At Osmo they have noticed that more and more building contractors, owners, and architects are concentrating on finding creative solutions for wood in construction. As a natural material wood offers creative and technical possibilities with the additional advantage that it is also attractive.

Martens Hout is a family business through and through. Even different employees in the company have succeeded their father or grandfather. Tradition and modern technology go hand in hand. Exterior wall cladding, together with terrace planks, is the speciality of Martens Hout. Years of experience (the company has been in existence for over 105 years) in both products and an extensive range make Martens Hout the market leaders in the fields of IPE terrace planks and Cedar exterior wall cladding all over Europe.

DeckWise has noticed a shift from the synthetic look of vinyl and aluminium to natural materials, which are resistant to extreme conditions. Hard wood exterior wall cladding complies perfectly with this trend. The most important profile in wooden exterior wall planks is the Rain Screen profile. This profile no longer requires any pre-drilling and it is not necessary to insert screws into the planks.

B-Fix reckons that there is a lucrative market in exterior wall cladding which is growing strongly. This field is witnessing the emergence of several new items in the areas of finish, wood sorts, fastening systems, and profiles. One interesting aspect of these products is the fact that the planks can be fitted in various corners, depending on the desired result.

Demand for the various sorts of outdoor wood and the various types of profiles is increasing here too. In particular, demand is growing in connection with the construction and renovation of homes, but industrial buildings, too, are increasingly being furnished with wood.

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