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Living spaces must combine functionality with beauty and elegance: therefore people try to enhance the comfort of indoors and outdoors to relish moments of relaxation. For this reason Progress Profiles, world leader manufacturer in the production of technical and decorative finishing profiles and laying systems, continues to study cutting-edge solutions that make every space both safe and trendy.

Scratches, sanding marks, chatter marks, color differences or even cloud formation after sealing - these are frequent reasons for complaints when it comes to the processing of wooden floors.
Many a time a real nightmare for the craftsman.
Added to this are the high demands of customers in terms of quality, design, color or surface structure.

When it’s time to renovate a floor, there is a lot to be gained by acting with a circular mindset. Today, there is a world of possibilities available when transforming a worn floor and restoring it to its former glory. From ultra-matt or high gloss surfaces as well as trendy colourations and brushing of the floor, to enhance the natural character of wood and create dramatic new looks.

La San Marco Profili passion and love for wood lead to create new products with the aim to preserve the environment that surrounds us. The respect for the environment is an integral part of our way of doing business.

Do you want a parquet floor to suit you perfectly? Design Parquet, a French manufacturer of standard or customised solid and engineered parquet floors, terrace planks, and accessories (skirting boards thresholds, stair nosing, etc.), offers a wide choice of ranges, looks, finishes, and types of fitting to meet everyone’s wishes. This gives architects and interior designers a free hand to be creative!

At Traject Parket in Barneveld, the Netherlands, 3 new thin-cutting bandsaws DSB Compact XM work inline. The compact system fits perfectly to the parquet flooring manufacturer – in terms of capacity and limited space availability at the production site.

As a novelty, the Auer stainless steel specialists have transferred the successful knob embossing system to a trowel-in stainless steel stair nosing (523) with 2 rows of 5 mm knobs for butting 6 mm or 8 mm coverings.

Bjelin is a part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. The development is performed in collaboration with the sister company Välinge Innovation AB. The founder of Bjelin and Välinge, Darko Pervan, invented the first click floor and developed the world's first laminate floor.


DINACHOC revolutionises the insulation market.
A lot of acoustic underlays are only effective for a short time. By contrast, with products based on recycled rubber from DINACHOC, you are guaranteed the prescribed acoustic gains on your site for the long term. They will bring you efficiency and serenity by simply complying with the acoustic obligations which all project managers have to consider.

A wholesaler finds the right click installation technology for herringbone floors

Herringbone has long been one of the most popular flooring installation patterns in markets around the globe. Not only is it a design that has stood up to changes in styles and tastes over decades, herringbone has even seen a growing resurgence in recent years. However, while the popularity of this traditional pattern is undoubtedly on the rise, today’s DIY consumers and installation professionals are looking for solutions that don’t come with the traditional drawbacks. For sellers of flooring products, it can often be challenging to find the right modern technologies that are suitable for this classic style. We spoke to Vivafloors, one company that has recently found a proven solution to this important market demand.

Since it was founded in Lyon in 1832, Blanchon Group, the European manufacturer of products and services for the protection and embellishment of living spaces, has never ceased to innovate, to challenge itself to always combine beauty and performance with a particular attention to women, men and the planet.

Küberit turns its websites into a communication and service platform

Clearly and straightforwardly designed, equipped with intuitive user guidance and a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM), the new Küberit website is an advanced service portal. In 11 languages and direct contact tools to the entire sales team at home and abroad, Küberit presents itself as a service-oriented international player on the market. The new logo is also eye-catching: the modern capital lettering is a statement and makes clear the development that the profile specialist has made in recent years.

‘To be hailed again as a Best Managed Company in a global awards competition is a great honour.’

i4F has taken the flooring industry by storm. That’s been confirmed again via the i4F’s winning of various awards from Deloitte, which provides services in accountancy, tax advice, consultancy, financial advice, and legal advice. i4F, a group of companies which supplies patents and technologies to the flooring industry, has been hailed as one of the Best Managed Companies (BMC) in 2021/22 for the second consecutive year and has also been nominated again for the 2021/22 Excellence Award for Strategy.

In recent years, the possibilities in wood floor renovation have dramatically increased. Today, there are a great variety of wood floor treatments and styles to consider. From almost ultra-matt to high gloss surfaces, all is possible with lacquers and primers, including trendy colourations thanks to the overcoatable oils. Surfaces can also be brushed achieving a wonderful haptic sensation of natural wood structure, combined with a durable lacquer protection, regardless of where the floor is located.


The trend is to build with ecological materials, this also applies to the floor area and what is laid underneath: laying underlays and impact sound insulation. STEICO offers ecologically high-quality products at a good price-performance ratio.

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