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Thursday, 02 March 2023 14:03


Since it was founded in Lyon in 1832, Blanchon Group, the European manufacturer of products and services for the protection and embellishment of living spaces, has never ceased to innovate, to challenge itself to always combine beauty and performance with a particular attention to women, men and the planet.

Today, the group is renewing its commitments with a new brand territory. Through a new identity platform, Blanchon Group asserts its historical values of reliability, empathy, boldness and responsibility and also articulates its commercial brands more clearly around the group's strategy, customer needs and environmental issues.
A dynamic and committed way to pursue its development, to unite its teams and partners around the challenges of tomorrow, to preserve its know-how, the development of its employees and, and of course, respect for the environment.

Protecting is in our nature: a new group signature to reaffirm its commitments.
Being 190 years old is exceptional! It is in this energetic and positive spirit that Blanchon Group is approaching this new chapter with a new brand platform. This brand "canopy" carries and communicates the strategy and also has the mission to articulate and radiate all the commercial brands of the group: Blanchon, Syntilor, Carver, Ciranova, Rigo and tomorrow.

This platform goes hand in hand with a redesigned signature for the group's brand: "Protecting is in our nature", which summarizes the company's ambitions and sends a unifying message to its
employees, subsidiaries and clients around four pillars sustainable growth, operational excellence and digitalization, innovation and environmental and societal commitment.

This signature also symbolizes the group which has always defended the quality and efficiency but also the health of users and the protection of the planet. There are or more than twenty
years, Blanchon Group has chosen, as a pioneer, to develop products in waterborne for the protection of interior and exterior wood more efficient for a healthier and more environmentally friendly approach.

Today, «Protecting is in our nature» is a reality with the development in 2021 of a range of innovative products based on biobased ingredients reducing the dependence on raw materials made from fossil fuels and proposing ever more eco-responsible offers.

Blanchon Group takes up environmental challenges in a more assertive manner by providing industry, professionals and the general public with new generation, high quality and high performance products and with perfect traceability of raw materials by relying on expertise, research and science.

To keep expertise and enthusiasm alive throughout the world.
The Lyon-based company is active throughout France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, China and the United States via its subsidiaries and organizations.

Blanchon Group is serenely building its European position and its global ambitions. The challenge of preserving know-how is also at the heart of the Group's development strategy. Maintaining expertise and enthusiasm is one of the missions of the group. It is the guarantee that the places will remain for a long time spaces of joy and conviviality where everyone feels good and safe. To keep these promises innovation, expansion and protection, Blanchon Group has an asset: its employees.

They have built and consolidated the company and they are the ones who ensure its future. The security at work, fulfillment, training, recognition and enthusiasm are at the heart of the
group's life... This is the key to achieving excellence while preserving the living.