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Monday, 27 February 2023 15:23

Primers and lacquers for all wood floor challenges

In recent years, the possibilities in wood floor renovation have dramatically increased. Today, there are a great variety of wood floor treatments and styles to consider. From almost ultra-matt to high gloss surfaces, all is possible with lacquers and primers, including trendy colourations thanks to the overcoatable oils. Surfaces can also be brushed achieving a wonderful haptic sensation of natural wood structure, combined with a durable lacquer protection, regardless of where the floor is located.

At Bona, we believe in offering the most comprehensive range of sustainable, high performing solutions for wood floors. As a professional contractor you can rely on Bona whether your project is a full renovation, protection of newly installed floors or if you’re seeking new design options. Our products set industry standards, delivering extraordinary flooring results. We continue to work towards making a difference through developing waterborne products, that follow our wood floor philosophy - renovate and refinish - rather than ripping out and replacing.

Some things work better together. That’s why we combine all our primers and lacquers into one exceptional, truly comprehensive, and compatible system. Each product property is carefully adapted in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. This, to ensure absolute topclass results for you as a Contractor and your customer. Regardless of what style or level of durability your floor project needs, Bona offers you a premium sustainable solution. Developing our own polymers which are giving the characteristics of the coatings means an absolute optimized performance for wood floors.

We consider sustainability an integral part of our company and our offerings. The contractor and floor owners health is a key priority in terms of ergonomics, dust free sanding, and low VOC as well as through waterborne solutions with environmental certifications like EC1 Plus, Leed and Breeam. We continue to improve sustainability in our production by investing in renewable geo-energy and solar panels. At our main plant in Sweden, 25 % of the total energy consumption is from these sustainable sources. We also fund independent research in climate savings regarding wood floor renovation versus floor replacement. By renovating a floor rather than installing a new one, the CO2 savings are as high as 95%. For your customer, that means renovating 50 m2 versus a new installation will save more in CO2 emissions than would be produced by a 1100 km car trip or by driving from Berlin and Paris. Something to consider when the condition of the floor allows for renovation!

Reaching this far, it’s time to look at the sheen levels delivered by the choice of topcoats. A higher sheen level deepens the colouration, while a lower sheen level makes the floor more neutral. It all comes down to your customer’s demands. Some of the topcoats have a wider range of sheens, check the preferred topcoat for possibilities. To achieve a protected wood floor with an absolute natural and ultra matt impression, the ultimate choice is Bona Traffic HD Raw. The lacquer is almost invisible, still it’s there, assuring long-lasting protection of the wood floor.

If you as a contractor want to offer even more colour options than the ones possible with primers, then Bona Oils come in to play. A huge number of colour combinations are available, for use as a topcoat with Bona Traffic HD and Bona Traffic HD Raw for durable protection.

As with colouring with primers, choosing different sheen levels of the topcoat can enhance the impression of the coloured oil even further. Again, there are possibilities to go from extra matt to silk matt surfaces, depending on the demand of the floor owner. If going for Bona Traffic HD Raw on top, the floor will have a unique ultra matt coloured oiled look, yet with the protection of a lacquered floor.

Maybe the easiest way to visually alter a customer’s wood floor is to begin with a primer. Apart from that it’s more cost efficient than just adding another layer of topcoat, it also gives a colouration option from white to deep, depending on the desire of the floor owner.
A Bona primer has many advantages when creating a great surface. Not all contractors use primers. However, let’s look into the reasons behind the ones who choose to apply a primer before the topcoat and why they are successful. Unlike a topcoat, a primer is optimised for an absorbent surface and ensures a high application safety on bare wood for an even wood colouration. A primer is also forgiving against small differences in application rate between different areas. With a primer, a strong adhesion to wood is established, securing a long, durable life. A Bona primer is formulated to follow the movement of the wood which happens due to variations in air humidity and the risk of side-bonding is greatly reduced. Since the primer is the first product the wood meets it will decide the colour, which can be varied to one’s personal liking.

The topcoats determine the durability of a wood floor. For decades, Bona have been offering top of the line products and we have the Bona Traffic HD and Bona Mega families to show for it. We continuously keep on adding members to these families, with Bona Traffic HD Raw and Bona Mega ONE being the most recent. As durability consists of different components, such as resistance to wear, scuff, scratch and chemicals, Bona offers a wide range of topcoats to match various floor owner situations. Among these are sports floors, where our designated range called Bona Supersport System meets the FIBA requirements.

When designing the surface of a wood floor, you need to think about both functionality and design. What are the needs regarding durability, slip resistance and design? Does your customer want a glossy surface, or a matt? All these factors are important when deciding on a coating. Whether you need a high trafficked floor finished for an airport, a library or even a private home exposed to intense foot traffic, Bona has the answer in our Bona Traffic HD family. We offer a solution, meeting the absolute highest traffic demands, customised to your practical and aesthetic requirements. Choosing a coating is also about considering the full customer benefit, meeting demands on total economy for the floor’s optimal performance over time. Again, the Traffic HD family will save your customer money over time whilst preserving the wood floor for years to come.
Speaking about your customer, we also provide a wide palette of communication actions towards the private floor owner. It´s all about creating awareness of all the wood floor renovation possibilities, driving demand for your services. Here are some examples: “Find a contractor” section on Bona Consumer web, inspiration and information of wood floor renovation possibilities on Bona Consumer SoMe channels, “Floor renovation” section on Bona Consumer web and communication of climate savings when renovating a wood floor just to mention a few. Most welcome to join the Bona world of wood floor renovation possibilities!

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