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Friday, 03 March 2023 17:01

Auer Metallprofile, the profile manufacturer from Aue from Saxony, has also expanded its range in 2022.

As a novelty, the Auer stainless steel specialists have transferred the successful knob embossing system to a trowel-in stainless steel stair nosing (523) with 2 rows of 5 mm knobs for butting 6 mm or 8 mm coverings.

The focus is particularly on the closed stainless steel surface and the associated easy cleaning, as well as the slip resistance of a stainless steel stair nosing. One of the many areas of application for this profile can be seen in disinfection and other chemically problematic areas. For a higher resistance, this profile can also be made of stainless steel V4A. Matching side caps or other heights can be produced on request.

With the new ungrooved 30x40 corner profiles, you have many new creative room design options. For profiles made of aluminum, 2 mm; 2.5mm; 3 mm and 5 mm coverings are abutted from two sides, a small decorative edge remains. These profiles are also available as a notched version for bending. Radii over 40 cm can be bent on site. AMP pre-bends smaller radii according to a sketch or template. On request, finely welded corners can also be made.

In 2022, Auer's LED area has been upgraded again - an LED lighting strip with 500 LEDs per meter and thus continuous lighting has been added.

The previous LED range includes two LED stair nosings and two LED skirting boards 60x15 mm and 100x15 mm, for direct and indirect lighting. In addition to their functional elegance, these impress with their simplicity and their spacious cable duct, which enables accurate, neat installation. The Auer team also offers various accessories, individually as components or, depending on the profile, as a ready-to-screw all-round carefree package. These LED profiles can either be equipped with your own 8 mm wide LED lighting strips or with the lighting strips from AMP. In addition to subtle (10 LED/m) and medium illumination (30 LED/m), the LED portfolio now also includes an LED lighting strip with around 500 LEDs per running meter for very strong, continuous, non-punctiform lighting. depending on customer requirements and lighting requirements.

In the case of the 38 mm wide connecting profiles, the color “stainless steel fine honed” has also been added to the standard color range as a current trend color, so that it is available immediately. Other anodized colors such as black, stainless steel, light gold or powder-coated according to RAL are not a challenge for the Auer team and can be implemented within a short time for any quantity and every aluminum profile at customer's request.

The current standard range already includes over 6500 profiles for the wall and floor area, such as stair nosings, connecting profiles, skirting boards, system profiles, tile separation and expansion joint profiles, stair rods, as well as insert, special and end profiles made of aluminum, brass, PVC and stainless steel.

Everything else is manufactured on customer request: creative - individual - Auer Metallprofile!

This shows that the Auer Metallprofile team rightly deserves its reputation as a “problem solver”, because whether it is special length cuts, customer-specific profiles, miter cuts, profile bends or a huge selection of surface treatments, Auer offers a solution for everything.

Since spring 2020, this range of services has been expanded to include a fiber laser welding system. As a result, welding products have been optimized in such a way that stronger and at the same time more inconspicuous weld seams with a higher optical quality are produced. This welding process results in an almost unlimited number of creative product ideas. From an ecological point of view, fiber laser welding also offers some advantages, such as less water and electricity consumption, less fine dust and, in some cases, less material due to product simplification. In addition, there is less thermal distortion and therefore less post-processing work. Finely welded skirting board corners made of aluminum and stainless steel, slide-in profiles with nose and inner stair corners made of stainless steel to match the flooring height, as well as mat frames, but also level compensation corners and double insert profiles are currently manufactured as standard items. In addition, there is a large number of customer-specific profiles according to sketch.

You can find all information about new products at  or on demand, just like the new AMP catalogs 2022.

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