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Terrace renovation machines (6)

WOCA  offers the silicon terrace scrubbing brush, which can be adapted to all makes of single-disc machine. The WOCA system combines the WOCA exterior cleaner with the hard silicon scrubbing brush. The combination of both means that weathered or dirty wood is restored so that it looks as good as new. Since the hard silicon brush hairs are assembled at different heights on the drive plate, it is also possible to remove dirt in planks with grooves. This silicon terrace scrubbing brush can be adapted to all makes.

Terrace Renovator

De Terrace Renovator by Overmat renovates and maintains the wooden deck perfectly. The Renovation Roller used in this machine gently sands the decking and is constructed so that even grooved decking can be cleaned effectively. The machine then sprays oil onto the decking, by using a pressurised container, and uses a special brush to rub the oil into the wood.

The new portable QUAD from Janser has been developed specially for renovating and cleaning oiled wooden surfaces and terraces. Thanks to its special brushes, the tool can be deployed on all surfaces, structured or not. When new terraces are laid, the terrace boards are finely sandpapered to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. This gives the terrace an exclusive premium look and is pleasant to walk on.

Decking cleaning easy and quickly as never before with the FG TERRASSEN – MEISTER and FG TERRASSEN -RANDY.

Decking cleaning is a constantly growing service. Huge surfaces have been laid and are waiting for being maintained. More and more craftsmen discover this new service activity.

With the most of the systems available a quick, dry cleaning, allowing an immediate oiling and the closure of a renovation in one day of most of the deckings, is not possible.

The FG TERRASSEN – BLITZ and the FG TERRASSENRANDY allows the dry cleaning and smoothening also of heavily soiled, old deckings mostly in one day (in relation of the dimension of course).

The Devomat Industries range includes various products for cleaning and treating terraces. For renovation Devomat Industries presents the Wood boy® machine. This machine is flexible and, with the right accessories, can be used perfectly well as a terrace renovation machine. There are specific machines with a cylindrical brush. The problem, however, is that these machines are rather expensive.

The Bona Power Scrubber, the ultimate machine, in combination with the Bona Deep Clean Solution, a deep-cleaning maintenance product, provides the best guarantees. You can also renovate a terrace with a rotating single-disc machine, but this will never be as thorough as with the Bona Power Scrubber (the brushes are so designed as to clean right down into the grain).