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The design flooring MeisterDesign. comfort features a double layer of cork and thus offers the best footfall noise protection so that an additional sound-absorbing cushion is not necessary.

Dear all,

We are saddened to hear of the sudden passing of our chief editor Ludwig Janssens. We could rely on him for edition after edition of our magazines for over 20 years. Ludwig amazed us time and again with excellent, informative, and interesting texts; often with a dash of humour or personal anecdote, and always a delight to read.

It was only a short flying visit, but it gave the politician a lot of insights and inspiration: Franz Untersteller MdL, Minis-ter for the Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg, vis-ited the full-service provider for floor systems at its headquarters in Ulm on August 10. The politician informed himself about the sustainability strategy of the manufacturer of construction chemicals.

Standfirst: The timber sector has been operating largely unhindered during the MCO and CMCO, thanks to the government’s swift response and strong support
The Covid-19 pandemic brought much of the world economies to a grinding halt. It was tough for businesses to keep their financial wheels turning and the impact of lockdowns were particularly brutal for companies with little reserves for managing sudden slumps.

The first exhibition of the flooring and floor technology industry worldwide after the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2020 will be held from 31 August to 2 September at the New Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai. More than 800 brands will present themselves and will be ready to meet and network about 40.000 visitors throughout 105.000 sqm of gross space.

The easy feel-good floor
The design floor for healthy living DISANO SmartAqua from HARO has sparked a boom thanks to its suitability for damp areas. The unique benefits of DISANO in terms of comfort and convenience have created an entirely new feel-good floor concept, especially for the bathroom and kitchen. The SmartAqua range has now been expanded and the selection simplified. The success story of this design floor model is thus entering the next round.

With the investment in a new plastic suction system, FN Neuhofer is coming another step closer to realising its 2025 Vision.

“Based on the persisting trend of LVT floor covers, water-resistant plastic skirting boards are once more moving into the focus, which is why we are massively expanding this area,” says CEO Franz Neuhofer.
“For FN Neuhofer, customer service comes first, which is why we always take a close look at the particular customer wishes and offer them the fitting solutions,” explains Neuhofer.

The continued growth of the successful family-owned and operated company FN Neuhofer in Zell am Moos and, as a result, the steady stream of new hires are one of the reasons why the company, led by owner Franz Neuhofer, are investing yet again. "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to build a multi-family property just a few minutes from our office and to offer living space nearby", explains Neuhofer adding: "The building site is of special importance to me as my former primary school once stood there".

Parquet layers from three continents, Europe, America and Australia, meet in the first week of September for an extraordinary project. 27 craftsmen will manufacture a historic palace parquet directly on site in two palace halls. With 27 mm thick cuts of two 165 year old oaks, two types of lock parquet will be produced with hand planes, hand saws and bone glue. The originals from 1860, which can be seen in the adjoining halls of the state chateau Vizovice (CZ), serve as a model for us.

Its beauty comes with age while its warmth and texture are almost eternal. Nothing beats the presence of timber in our living space and wooden floorings are stunning additions that provide a direct connection to nature. As an environmentally friendly and durable material, timber floorings have never gone out of style.
There are two types of timber flooring – solid timber flooring and engineered timber flooring. Both offer the same kind of benefits which are:

With a long experience in the field of external flooring started from the nautical field and now available for residential and commercial use, Novowood has made several profiles and solutions for different kind of applications.

Tover understood the growing importance of the resilient floor market and was able to seize this new opportunity by adding to its range of parquet adhesives a complete system for the installation of all these coverings.

Iperwood, originally founded as a company for the import of exotic timber, which later became a pioneer in the creation of wood bank protection, along with the University of Ferrara, has created NOVOWOOD, a mix of Wood Flour, HDPE and additives.

Covid-19 Non-Contact Surface/Floor disinfection with UV light without using chemical solutions

Single stranded RNA viruses such as corona-viruses are highly sensitive to UV radiation.
When using the right UVC equipment COVID-19 is deactivated in seconds.
The most effective wavelength is labeled UVGI (UV Germicidal Irradiation) 254 to 270 nanometers.


Marcel Kies, president of Aspecta™ Flooring announces that the highly respected Mário Pinho with over 15 successful years of Sales & Marketing experience in the International flooring industry, will join Aspecta™ Flooring as VP Sales Europe, Russia and West Africa, as of September 1st, 2020.

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