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Friday, 24 February 2023 13:52

"Perfect solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces"

To make the shower a place of absolute comfort, Progress Profiles has developed and patented PROSHOWER SYSTEM. Available in two versions, LINEAR or CENTRAL, this system is made up of several elements, starting from the PROSHOWER PANEL: equipped with a centimeter grid that facilitates the cutting, ensuring maximum precision, it guarantees the perfect slope after the laying of the ceramic covering.

The kit available to the installer also includes the PROFOIL waterproofing membrane and a collectible channel: the newest one is PROSHOWER BASE L PRO, with a 360° adjustable and easily inspectable drain and a double internal slope (lengthwise and widthwise) that ensures the correct water flow. To add a touch of design the Italian company also realized PROSHELF and PROSHELF DESIGN, triangular or rectangular shelves designed as comfortable and spacious supports for bathroom products. Made of stainless steel, PROSHELF can be tiled and mounted during the installation of the covering for a result of perfect continuity; the very thin profile of PROSHELF DESIGN, on the other hand, enhances its minimalist and contemporary design.

A comfortable bathroom has to ensure unique relaxing moments, with a regard to energy saving, just like for the living room or the kitchen. For this reason Progress Profiles has developed PRODESO HEAT GRIP SYSTEM, a revolutionary electrical heating system for floors and coverings that provides warmth only where desired in a few minutes. The system is made up by two elements, Prodeso Heat Grip Membrane and Prodeso Heat Grip Cable. The polyethylene membrane, with uncoupling, waterproofing and vapour management features, has an 8,5 mm thickness and is provided with a thermowelded polypropylene non-woven fabric on the back side. The membrane’s structure allows a perfect fixing of the heating cable and there are shaped reliefs designed to easily hold the heating cable only where required. Prodeso Heat Grip Cable, with 6.5 mm diameter, is provided with many resistances in parallel circuit, which if damaged does not interrupt the heating transmission of the entire system. Thanks to Prodeso Heat Grip Thermostat it is possible to adjust all settings and time schedule using as remote control an application on Android or Apple devices. The digital thermostat optimizes the well-being and allows to save money reducing the energy costs.

To renovate outdoor spaces in a short time and in full safety, Progress Profiles has developed PROSUPPORT TUBE SYSTEM, which can help to create floating floors quickly and easily without demolishing or removing those underneath. The modular system consists of a base, a ferrule, a screw, two heads and a set of tubes to achieve the desired height. The possibility to make a self-levelling or fixed laying simplifies the installation, making it practical and intuitive. If the screw is screwed in with the concave part facing upward, the head is self-levelling; turning the screw 180 degrees, the head is fixed. This solution is perfect to raise floating floors from 29 up to 1,000 mm high thanks to the adjustable elevation tubes, for a complete customisation. To ensure the perfect stability and strength of floating floors Progress Profiles has also patented PRORAIL SYSTEM: composed of different elements, it allows the quick installation of ceramic, marble, wood, WPC or composite slabs of any size. For the professional installation of large-format slabs of outdoor floorings, the Italian company offers PRODESO® DRAIN 8 SYSTEM, a patented waterproofing, draining, uncoupling membrane 8 mm thick and made up of 5 layers.

The reliefs of its polyethylene sheet create an “air chamber” below the pavement that drains the water, which infiltrates below it, helps a quick drying of the adhesive and reduces the rise of triacetates, preventing the appearance of efflorescences in the joints: for this reason, PRODESO® DRAIN 8 can be installed also on not-perfectly cured screeds, making it suitable even for apparently more complicated renovations. The system is completed with a strip in polyethylene and elastic polypropylene and with a two-component waterproof adhesive to facilitate the work of the installers. To assure the structures’ suitability of outdoor spaces and prevent serious damages to the surfaces constantly exposed to rainfalls and wheather, Progress Profiles offers a wide range of perimeter profiles. The latest patented model is PROTERRACE DOUBLE DRIP: combined with PRODESO® DRAIN 8 SYSTEM, this solution is perfect to protect the terminal part of the tiles and the perimeter of terraces, balconies and verandas. That is why it is equipped with a vertical wall and a second vertical part, so to have two drainage holes which allow the water to drain in case of the sealant placed between the edge of the tile and the profile detaches. Made of varnished aluminum, PROTERRACE DOUBLE DRIP can be requested with an embossed or semi-gloss finish and in different colors, from white to gray, from beige to dark brown or corten, in order to create perfect continuity with the interior.

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