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Friday, 24 February 2023 14:19

Aspecta has organised an event

Diverse operations and investments result in a greener future
On Tuesday 11 October, Aspecta organised an event which the editors of Floor Forum simply could not miss. Under the motto ‘A Spectacular Future - Unfolding the Ease’, the players gave diverse presentations and considered what the future of Aspecta should look like and the path which the company wants to follow in order to achieve that. The event took place at the Van der Valk Hotel in Sassenheim, near Leiden, in the Netherlands.

Aspecta is part of HMTX Industries, a floor company based in Norwalk, USA, and leader in the production of LVT. Within HMTX Industries, Aspecta (based at Oud Gastel in the Netherlands) focuses on a high-end contract brand aimed mainly at architects and designers. Our main impression was their commitment to a greener future and their desire to achieve it via specific measures. Specifically for Aspecta BV, we heard how this firm, together with Vertex, will become part of the new HMTX Global sales division. They outlined what this means in practice and what investment is planned.

Specific operations for a greener future
In its quest for a greener future, HMTX Industries targets two main goals. On the one hand, they aim to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and, on the other hand, they strive to be carbon-neutral by 2035. They will achieve this in two ways. Firstly, they will tackle operational carbon emissions (i.e. emissions from sources like buildings, utilities, and transport) and, secondly, they want to reduce embedded carbon (the quantity of carbon found in manufactured products during their lifecycle). In the latter case this means, for instance, that they are considering the composition of new and innovative products or a change to existing specifications and formulas of raw materials used.
This approach is illustrated perfectly by the construction of the new general headquarters (The House Up on the Hill’) in Norwalk. This will be a 2,400m² office and experience centre which focuses on durability and the environment. It will be the greenest building in Connecticut, whereby the structure itself will be responsible for 105% of its own energy requirements.

HMTX Global: Aspecta and Vertex
On 1 October, HMTX Industries merged its Aspecta BV and Vertex go-to market strategies into the new division HMTX Global. What this means is that from now on all brands and private label solutions are promoted equally by the sales and marketing teams. And so, They are eliminating the current separate brands, sales strategies, and market activities. This merger should unite the various business units and people by means of co-operation and a family atmosphere. The HMTX Global sales department will still concentrate on commercialising its Aspecta and Allure brands and offering its private label solutions. The benefit is clear: This creates considerable efficiency improvements in organisational and worldwide supply chain operations and simplifies communication. Moreover, the new sales structure will enable the company to achieve its planned growth objectives.

In terms of investments, both HMTX Industries and HMTX Global are certainly not standing still. HMTX Industries is opening two new LVT factories in the USA. There they will be producing the ISOCORE Click and the Rigid Click floors. In addition, HMTX Industries has signed a new i4F digital licence and is purchasing the Hymmen JUPITER digital print line because it is moving over to digital printing for the new and innovative floor products.
HMTX Global is relocating to completely new premises in Roosendaal late in 2022. This should better facilitate the future growth of the company, further optimise the level of service, and streamline the entire supply chain.

Finally, we mention another striking new development. HMTX Industries has developed SRP (non-chloride) flooring. Their plan is to launch this SRP product on the market in 2023.

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