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Friday, 24 February 2023 14:33


The HUMMEL - a faithful companion
1969 AD

The first HUMMEL sees the light of day in Frauenzimmern.
Frederick Worker, a master parquet layer, is one of the first to test the belt sander, revolutionary at the time.

The HUMMEL does not take long to convince him of its qualities.
Just a few days later, Frederick Worker happily welcomes it into the family circle. From now on, it is his constant companion on all construction sites.

It reliably performs the work, tirelessly sanding day after day and never lets him down.
Beautiful wood surfaces are created, to the delight of Frederick and his customers. The HUMMEL proves to be a truly good investment! The company is thriving, also thanks to the efficiency, quality and reliability of his HUMMEL.

1994 AD

25 years have now passed and tens of thousands of square meters of wooden floors have been sanded since then. Frederick Worker now has a grandson, but no more teeth!
Finallyhe goes into well-deserved retirement.
His son Eusebius, an authenic Worker and his right hand in the company for over 15 years, must now carry on without him. Without him, but not without the HUMMEL!
It may have lost some of its shine over the years, and it may have suffered one or two scratches. But... it still runs like on the first day!
Frederick has had it serviced and updated regularly over the years. No matter what spare part he needed, everything was always available and quickly delivered by the Lägler company.

2019 AD

How time flies! Fifty years have passed since the HUMMEL began its service with the Worker family.
Grandpa Frederick, its first companion, passed away a few years ago. He could, despite a very caring wife, unfortunately not be repaired anymore in the end.
But... the HUMMEL is still in use!
Because Eusebius followed his father's advice and always took care of the machine like a treasure.

Eusebius still has all his teeth, but his once proud head of hair has now completely taken flight and made way for his face.

Other things become more important... Eusebius hands over the company to his son Henry.

2022 AD

It is summer. Henry meanwhile continues to run the family business with all his passion. He has already started early this morning with the renovation of an old oak floor. Eusebius is also there today. Because sometimes, when he feels like it, he accompanies Henry, an authenic Worker, to the construction site. Although he has been retired for a few years, he still can't quite let go of this work. He always enjoyed it too much to look at his finished work, a wooden floor sanded, oiled or varnished, in all its beauty at the end of the working day. Always a great feeling. Well done!

Then as now, Grandpa Frederick's HUMMEL accompanies again!
For sure it is also... an authentic worker!

2044 AD
...let's wait and see!

Moral of the story
The possible correspondence with real people was not intended and is purely coincidental.
But the history has surely happened exactly or similarly many times before!
The purchase of a HUMMEL is an acquisition for life and often lasts for several lifetimes, provided it is well cared for.

No matter how old a HUMMEL is,
* it can almost always be repaired!
* well maintained it can last for generations!
* it can always be brought up to the latest technical standard!
* all necessary spare parts are in stock and can be delivered promptly!

Instead of ever shorter product cycles with only minor changes, Lägler has focused on long-lasting and sustainable products, from the very beginning.

LÄGLER - Making the best better! 

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