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Finishing products (13)

Since the 1990s, RIGO Verffabriek has been a frontrunner in water-based parquet lacquers and single-layer parquet oil in the Netherlands. In 2003, we introduced SKYLT Original, the first truly invisible parquet lacquer, which has since proved itself to be a hard-wearing, invisible finishing product. With our ROYL Floor Oil products, we provide parquet floor layers with a hassle-free single-layer oil system. ROYL OIL 2k, for instance, can be applied to the entire floor in one go and will be dry and stable after a mere 24 hours. We carry a comprehensive range of products for parquet floor layers: STEP Water-based floor lacquers, SKYLT Invisible lacquers and ROYL protective oils.

Blanchon can certainly be called a European pioneer when it comes to waterborne varnishes. The company has had a full range for over 25 years. There is Aqua Pro, the range for floor fitters and floor specialists. This assortment includes primers, single and dual component lacquers, a waterborne oil, a binding agent for putty, and a whole range of special colours for large surfaces. Blanchon has four dual component varnishes, namely Belmont, Intensive, Blumor SD, and Sport. Belmont (EC1R) is an odourless lacquer with exceptionally good properties.

Polycarbonate is the magical ingredient on which the entire PUR-T assortment from Plastor is based. A pure technique undergirds a range which respects both human health and the environment by using harmless raw materials. The products are odourless and easy to apply, and they preserve the colour of the wood. Plastor divides up its varnishes according to usage criteria.

Pallmann offers a full range of waterborne varnishes. Pall-X 96 is a single component varnish for high traffic rooms and highly resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Pall-X 96 is the rapid system finish with a very short drying time. Pall-X Extreme is a single or dual component adhesive for all wood in high traffic rooms.

Ciranova has a waterborne varnish system consisting of four products. AQUAFIX SEALER is a ready-for-use single component waterborne primer for parquet. This varnish is highly elastic and ecological and ideal as insulation for wood which is difficult to treat and as a tannin blocker. It is also suitable for parquet with floor heating.

DevoNatural is a full range of ecological products for colouring, finishing, and cleaning parquet and wooden floors. With DevoNatural durable parquet varnishes the pores of the wood are sealed completely against probing moisture and dirt. DevoNatural parquet varnish makes the floor waterproof and highly durable and provides strong chemical resistance. You have a choice of three different sorts of parquet varnish, all of which have their own specific properties.

Kerakoll Green Building Company presents its Aqua PUR Eco line. These are ecological 2-coat varnish systems with both 1K varnishes, the Aqua PUR HP, Rating ECO4 (matt and satin), and the Aqua PUR HPX, Rating Eco4 / EC1 (Extra matt, matt, satin, and gloss). The most popular, durable 2-coat system consists of: 1 coat SLC Eco Aqua PUR Basic, ECO4 / EC1 (special primer) to be sandpapered with grain 220 after eight hours, and apply a coat of HPX or HP

Tover offers a complete range of water-based lacquers which replies to any requests from professionals in terms of aesthetic results, resistance and durability. The wide choice of mono and bi-component varnishes is able to satisfy the demand of a rough, extremely mat, natural aspect (Lympha) to warming, glossy finishing (Tropical SQ). These lacquers are suitable on any species, included exotic woods, for residential use as well as very intense traffic and with high resistance properties to chemicals.

STAUF presents his 3 waterborne finish systems.

STAUF aqua Aurum:
High quality two component polyurethane based waterborne finish for wood flooring and planks for heavy to extra heavy traffic in residential and commercial areas with excellent chemical resistance. The lacquer is easy to mix and has a very good resistance against step marks and burns. Gloss effect: extra matte 10, matte 20, semi gloss 40.

Chimiver Panseri S.p.A. has extended its assortment of water-based lacquers. We'd like to present our new extra matt invisible lacquer ECOWOOD 2K which is giving to your wooden floor a ultra natural look with no reflection and only 3% gloss. ECOWOOD 2K has also excellent chemical and physical characteristics and is suitable for heavy traffic
floors. Also availbale for industrial use. ECOCROM is a single-component water-based super toning primer with high coverage for wooden floors, which could be used as a first coat in the lacquering process composed only of water-based lacquers.

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