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Kerakoll Green Building Company

Kerakoll Green Building Company presents its Aqua PUR Eco line. These are ecological 2-coat varnish systems with both 1K varnishes, the Aqua PUR HP, Rating ECO4 (matt and satin), and the Aqua PUR HPX, Rating Eco4 / EC1 (Extra matt, matt, satin, and gloss). The most popular, durable 2-coat system consists of: 1 coat SLC Eco Aqua PUR Basic, ECO4 / EC1 (special primer) to be sandpapered with grain 220 after eight hours, and apply a coat of HPX or HP

The SLC Eco Aqua Pur Flex is recommended as a filler kit. (Eco4). The above system saves you both time and materials. 250g provides durable protection for the floor. You can use the HPX to finish commercial floors which are subjected to high traffic. Training in the use of varnishes is very important, and Kerakoll invests strongly in this by providing training both in Italy (see photograph) and on the premises of its clients. Modern technology has also been a help at this point. The demonstration film clip of the SLC varnish system is on You Tube.

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