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Tover offers a complete range of water-based lacquers which replies to any requests from professionals in terms of aesthetic results, resistance and durability. The wide choice of mono and bi-component varnishes is able to satisfy the demand of a rough, extremely mat, natural aspect (Lympha) to warming, glossy finishing (Tropical SQ). These lacquers are suitable on any species, included exotic woods, for residential use as well as very intense traffic and with high resistance properties to chemicals.

The most innovative Tover varnish is BELLA SQ. As all the other water-based lacquers from the range, BELLA SQ is NMP free, with a low VOC content but its outstanding characteristic is that it is totally isocyanate and polyaziridine free for a major respect of environment and human health care during and after the application. Tover also developed products for a specific use like the two bi-component varnishes Firestop, in class Cfl-s1 as fire-resistant and Sportfloor Finish certified EN 14904 for sportive floorings. Water-based lacquers can be also combined with reactive aging systems (Antique, Fossil) and coloring solutions (Tintoretto Design) to get endless customized shades.

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